Self Drive Weekend Gateways

There is no greater experience and joy than taking off in your own car and hitting the open road for a weekend getaway. The freedom to stop anywhere enroute, grab a meal, weather at a fancy dhaba that you have been craving for or at a fast food adds on to the feel of the holiday. India offers the most diverse range of terrains located in our natural heritage and some routes and trips are incredible, waiting on your self drive bucket list. Travelling with family and friends make these self drive weekend getaways memorable. Go for that holiday that lets you decide the flow and imagination of your travel. With self drive getaways one doesn't need to stick to any schedule having all the time on your hands to explore a place in your way. Let us help you choose an invigorating weekend getaway road trip to beat stress and leave behind the daily hustle bustle! Our Hotels Selection We take pride in our careful selection of the hotels. All hotels selected boasts of some character and good services. Our hotels are beautiful lovely lodges, home stays, retreats, luxury camps and small boutique hotels full of character relaying stories. Most of the owners are involved deeply with their property and take great pride in ensuring your great experience and a memorable holiday. Our USP - We offer unique immersive experiential stays showcasing chronicles and inspiring activities. Our recommended hotels have knowledgeable guides who are local experts on activities, food, history and the culture. Our philosophy revolves around stimulating your senses through exotic smells, delectable tastes and soulful sounds patronizing slow travel which will retain amazing memories. From leisurely walks beside pristine lakes to gentle rambles across quaint little towns, discover mesmerizing natural wonders and interesting facets of delightful places. From the snow clad peaks to big jungle cats on scenic wildlife safaris, take blood-pumping treks high in the mountains, or simply inhale pine-scented air on meditative forest walks, we have a bounty of outdoor self drive weekend getaways on offer.

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