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North Pole Cruises

The North Pole; the northernmost point on Earth and a frontier of icebergs, ice sheets, chilly winds, and frozen waters. A bucket-list destination for some, and a lifetime adventure for others, the North Pole is a magical place not to be left unseen.

Aboard a specialized Icebreaker Cruise aboard the 50 Years of Victory, 90 degrees north becomes easily accessible to you as the ship breaks and splits ice sheets to make its way forward. With experiences of helicopter and zodiac boat sightseeing, 

you are ensured to interact with these icy surroundings as much as one can imagine. So much so, that you can even take a dip in the icy waters or have barbeque meals on the ice sheet!

The expedition cruise begins and terminates in Murmansk, Russia, and also covers the Franz Josef Land over 2 days, which is a Russian Military Base, home to a number of arctic bird species. 

Arctic wildlife like Polar Bears, Walrus, and Arctic Whales can be spotted multiple times along the cruise. Bird watching and stargazing can also be done through the amazing panoramic deck aboard the ship.

Naturalists, expert guides, and professional photographers make sure to indoctrinate you with knowledge and experiences to leave no stone unturned for the entirety of the journey.

Fill your picture gallery with this surreal destination under the perfect phenomenon of the midnight sun, where the sun does not set for 24 hours a day; a spectacle rarely visible on select destinations on Earth.

Rejoice in the lifetime achievement of being on the top of the world with the North Pole Expedition Cruise.


  • Visit the North Pole, the northernmost point of the world
  • Visit Franz Josef Land; a Russian Military Base with incredible cliffs and slopes
  • Arctic exclusive wildlife like Polar Bears, Walrus, Whales, and migratory birds
  • 50 Years of Victory; a specialized Icebreaker ship, which splits ice sheets to navigate its way to and from the North Pole
  • Experience the Midnight Sun; 24 hours sunlight, ideal for photography
  • Sightseeing by helicopter and zodiacs to give you a wholesome experience
  • Gym, spa, sauna, pool, volleyball court, etc present on board the ship to make your journey enjoyable.
  • Barbeque meal and chance to take a dip in the waters of the North Pole




Arrival in Murmansk

Arrive at the Murmansk Airport and transfer to your hotel. Acclimatizing yourself with the weather is imperative for the voyage ahead.




Head to the sailing port, where you will board an Icebreaker Ship. Check in to your cosy cabin which is going to be your home for the days to come. Orient yourself with the Ship and its crew along with briefing sessions for the journey. The ship begins to sail north bound from Kola Bay.



At Sea

As the ship moves north along the Barents Sea, you have an opportunity to spot Arctic Whales. Learn more about the Icebreaker Ship along a tour of the engine room.



At Sea

On deck, watch how this specialised ship breaks through ice sheets to navigate its way across the Arctic Circle. Feel the icy wind on your face and capture the beauty of icebergs, frozen waters and arctic marine life surrounding you.



At Sea / Helicopter Sightseeing

Experience an adventure like never before, hop on the on board helicopter as it takes you high up in the air for a clear panoramic view of the entire Arctic circle, with the ship underneath you, navigating its way among ice sheets.



At Sea

As you almost reach the North Pole, take advantage of the Midnight Sun; 24 hours sunlight. During summers, the sun does not set in this region, making it ideal for endless photography and helicopter sightseeing.



The North Pole

The most grand day of all, you arrive at the North Pole, the Northernmost point of the world where the Earth's axis of rotation meets its surface. Walk on the ice sheets to stand next to 90 degrees North. Treat yourself to a barbeque meal on the ice sheets at the top of the world. You may even have a chance to plunge yourself in the icy waters of the North Pole. Fill your gallery with this lifetime feat by clicking endless pictures.



Franz Josef Land

Reach the Franz Josef archipelago, part of the Russian National Park. You can easily spot Arctic wildlife like the very famous Polar Bears, Walruses and Whales. A number of migratory birds like guillemots, dovekies, and ivory gulls can also be easily spotted on this land of cliffs and slopes.



Franz Josef Land

Explore the mysterious stone spheres on Champ Island and Cape Fligely on Rudolf Island, which is the northernmost point of land in the Eastern Hemisphere. Memorials, monuments, crosses, and the remains of dwellings in this land are testimony of historic feats of the explorers as our naturalists & guides tell you all about them.



At Sea

Journey down South from the Franz Josef Land. The ship hosts a variety of presentations and workshops to provide you with knowledge about the magnanimous voyage you are a part of. Sea bird watching can also be done on the panoramic deck of the ship.



At Sea

Take advantage of the on board facilities and amenities such as the library, sauna, spa, gift shop, warm pool, gym or the volleyball court. You can access these at any time during the voyage to make your stay more wholesome.



Disembark at Murmansk

Post breakfast, bid farewell to your ship which has been your home for over 10 nights. Transfer to the airport for your flight back home as the experience of the North Pole culminates.


  • 1 pre-cruise hotel night accommodation on Day 1 in Murmansk, Russia, with breakfast;
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel in Murmansk on the day prior to embarkation;
  • Transfer from the hotel to the port in Murmansk for embarkation on Day 2;
  • Transfer from the port to the airport or central location in Murmansk upon disembarkation;
  • Shipboard accommodation with housekeeping;
  • Shipboard breakfasts, lunches, and dinners;
  • Coffee, tea and cocoa available around the clock;
  • All shore excursions and activities throughout the voyage by helicopter;
  • All shore excursions and activities throughout the voyage by zodiacs;
  • Shore landings included in the daily program;
  • Program of lectures and informal discussions by experienced Expedition Team and guest lecturers;
  • Professional Expedition Leadership;
  • Rubber boots for shore landings for the time of the cruise;
  • Hairdryer and bathrobes in each cabin;
  • Informative pre-departure materials;
  • Digital Voyage Log;
  • All miscellaneous service taxes and port charges throughout the program;
  • All shipboard luggage handling;
  • Personalized medical insurance covering the risks of evacuation and repatriation. Coverage: 100,000 EUR. Duration: cruise days only. This is only for passengers under 90 years old.


  • Airfare to and from your hometown to Murmansk;
  • Transfers from the airport to the hotel if arriving prior to Day 1 of the program;
  • Helicopter flying time in excess of that offered for the group;
  • Passport and visa expenses (if required); a Russian visa is required for the trip. The visa must be obtained by the customer and is at his or her expense. Please, contact your local Russian Consulate to learn more about the procedure for obtaining a Visa.
  • State arrival and departure taxes (if levied);
  • Meals ashore and supplements in respect of single hotel accommodation (if required);
  • Excess baggage charges on international and local flights;
  • Telecommunication services; laundry, bar and beverage charges aboard the vessel;
  • Luggage, cancellation insurance (strongly recommended);
  • Tips for stewards and other service personnel aboard (at your discretion).

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119 - 91 days prior to departure

25% of full fare

90 - 61 days prior to departure

50% of full fare

60 - 31 days prior to departure

75% of full fare

30 days or less prior to departure

100% of full fare

Terms & Conditions
  • Rates and Accommodation. Cruise rates are quoted per person and based on passengers sharing a cabin. Cabin share is available only in the following categories: Triple Classic, Main Deck, Classic and Superior Suites. Single accommodation in Main Deck Suite, Classic Suite, and Superior Suite: 1.7x the shared rate; Single accommodation in Deluxe, Premium and Owner Suite: 2x the shared rate. Triple-share accommodations are restricted to either individual travelers of the same gender or parties of three. Those who booked shared accommodations aboard the ship – on either triple- or double occupancy basis – will also share accommodations at the pre-cruise hotel, if applicable.
  • Reservations and Payments. A deposit of 20% of the appropriate cabin rate is required to confirm the reservation; the final payment (80%) is due 90 days prior to the departure. All payments are to be made in the agreed currency indicated on the invoice. The deposit can be made by credit card or via bank transfer. The final payment is to be made via bank transfer. 
  • Payment Delay. The date of payment is considered to be the date of crediting the funds to the account of Operator. In case of payment delay Operator has the right to apply payment delay fee which equals 0.1% from the due amount for each day of delay.
  • Booking Cancellations/Refunds. All requests for cancellation must be made in writing. Reservations canceled more than 120 days prior to departure are subject to a USD 750per person cancellation fee. Reservations canceled from 119 to 91 days prior to departure are subject to a 20% per person cancellation fee. Reservations canceled 90 days or less prior to departure are subject to full fare forfeiture (cancellation fee is 100%). For these and other reasons mentioned below, passengers are strongly encouraged to obtain trip cancellation insurance. The services included in the cruise rate are based on group participation, and no refunds will be made for any part of the program in which passengers choose not to participate, including any Zodiac cruises or landings. It should be understood that refunds will not be made to passengers who do not complete the tour for any reason whatsoever.
  • Voyage Cancellation. The operator reserves the right to cancel any departure due to insufficient reservations up to eight weeks before the date of departure (passengers may be offered alternative cruise dates). The operator also reserves the right to cancel any departure up until the date of that departure due to force majeure or other circumstances beyond the control of Operator that prevents the operation of the tour (this also includes governmental and administrative decisions). In the very unlikely event that a voyage is canceled prior to departure Operator will provide a full refund of all funds paid to the Operator. Should a voyage cancel while in progress, the Operator will provide a pro-rated refund of the funds paid to the Operator. The operator or its agents are not responsible for any costs or penalties relating to air transport or other services that are cancelled. The operator is not liable for failure to provide the services or accommodations offered to the extent that such services or accommodations cannot be provided due to force majeure or other circumstances beyond its control.
  • Transferred reservations/name changes. Bookings transferred from one departure (more than 90 days prior to departure) to another, for the same passenger can be made at no charge, based on availability. The transfer of the booking to another departure can only be made once. After the transfer is completed, the general cancellation terms are not applicable to the new departure date and the transferred deposit is non-refundable. By direct permission, and on a limited basis, name changes on a reservation can be made at a fee of USD 300 per person, but not less than 90 days before the departure.
  • Children. Children must be at least 12 years of age to participate in the expedition cruise. However, Operator may accept children ages 6-11 on a case by case basis after additional consideration by the Operator.
  • On-board language. All voyages are conducted in English and German. For groups of passengers speaking other languages, Operator recruits multi-lingual staff members, who assist the passengers during briefings and lectures. Staff varies from a voyage to voyage; please check when booking.
  • On-board authority. All passengers are subject to instructions or regulations were given by the Captain or the Expedition Leader
  • On-board payments. All payments are in US dollars. Passengers may run a tab that must be paid prior to disembarkation. Payments can be made in cash or via credit card.
  • Photography/Video. The operator reserves the right to use photographs and/or videos taken during the operation of the voyage for promotional purposes for the Operator and/or its sales agents. Passengers may not charge for their appearance in any photographs or video
  • Smoking. Smoking in cabins or public areas of the ship is strictly prohibited by safety regulations. There will be a designated smoking place outside in a sheltered area. 
  • Alcohol. Alcohol beverages are available for sale in the onboard bar. The operator reserves the right to refuse alcohol to anyone deemed to be intoxicated.
  • Eligibility. There are no specific physical requirements for travel in Polar Regions. However, the purchased expedition cruise is a cruise to the remote region of the world on a ship which, at times, maybe in rough seas. Please also note that there is no specialized medical assistance available in these regions. Passengers with certain medical/health issues may not be appropriate for this type of expedition and are advised to exercise appropriate caution. Our medical information form lists a number of these conditions.
  • Pre-departure forms. Prior to boarding, specific passenger information is required by Operator for passenger safety and for international reporting regulations. Required information must be completed in the forms provided by Operator and submitted at least 60days prior to departure. Final documents cannot be issued for passengers whose information has not been received.
  • Passenger Medical Information. We require all passengers to submit basic medical information prior to departure. Upon receipt of that basic medical information, specific physical conditions may necessitate additional documentation from a passenger’s physician certifying fitness to travel on a polar expedition voyage. If additional medical confirmation is requested, boarding will not be allowed absent receipt of that confirmation. 
  • Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance. It is mandatory for all passengers to carry adequate travel insurance that must contain medical, evacuation and repatriation coverage. Passengers must ensure that their purchased insurance includes cruise travel in the Polar Regions, and has evacuation and repatriation coverage of no less than US$ 200,000 per person. For cruises in non-polar regions, a minimum of US$ 100,000 of evacuation and repatriation insurance coverage is required. As part of the pre-departure forms that passengers complete, the Operator requires information as to the insurance company name, policy number, amount of coverage and 24-hour contact number. Any risks not covered by the insurance policy provided are the responsibility of the passenger at his/her own expense. Passengers must have proof of insurance while aboard and produce it if requested.
  •  Important Notice: Please be advised that prospective passengers must carefully consider whether their health condition is adequate for participation in the expedition cruise taking place in remote and hard-to-reach regions, where emergency evacuation is not always available. Passengers must complete the provided medical information form and provide the Operator with permission from their physician in case of serious or chronic medical conditions. If the passenger decides to participate in the cruise in spite of a medical condition and/or the concerns of their physician and their condition deteriorates while aboard, requiring emergency evacuation that the passenger's insurance company does not recognize as appropriate and/or legitimate, all evacuation expenses will be borne by the passenger. The operator has a pregnancy policy that women are welcome with explicit doctor’s permission and having signed a specific waiver. Pregnancy policies of carriers (ship owners, airlines, bus companies, hotels, etc.) may also apply. Please note that medical information will, of necessity, be available to designated Operator’s staff. Please note that regardless of general eligibility there may be instances where environmental conditions require a level of fitness/mobility. In these cases, individual participation in the landing(s) in question may be restricted by the Captain, Expedition Leader, or ship’s doctor.
  • Baggage. Baggage and personal effects are at all times the sole responsibility of the participant. 
  • Limitations. Passengers are not permitted to bring or have onboard any pets or animals, firearms, flammable or hazardous items, controlled or prohibited substances or drugs, contraband or items prohibited by any country or port to be visited. 
  • Acceptance of the Terms & Conditions. Acceptance of the initial services to be provided on the trip shall constitute an acceptance by the trip member of these terms and conditions. On advancement of deposit to Operator, the depositor, therefore, agrees to be bound by the above-recited Terms & Conditions.

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