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About Cordelia Cruise

Cruise tourism has become very very popular for the starved Indian traveler after tasting just a short season by both the cruise liners. In the absence of both the cruise liners now, the advantage will be being taken up shortly by the upcoming Cordelia Cruise Ships. Recognizing the potential of India's vast coastline, cruise itineraries were launched to some amazing destinations such as Andamans, Kochi, Goa, Lakshadweep, Mumbai, Diu, Ganapatipule, and many other beaches destinations

About Cordelia Cruise Ship India

Get set for the launch of not one but two new luxury cruise ships in India. Cordelia Cruise Company India is soon launching ships bought from the famous cruise liner Royal Caribbean International. The Cordelia Cruise Company has decided to launch two of its luxury ships in India. Cordelia cruises ship booking will start online very soon. In the coming months, Empress of the Seas will be run in India. 

Capitalizing on the immense potential of cruising, Cordelia cruises is entering the Indian waters with the shipping liner Empress of the Seas first, which belonged to the global giant Royal Caribbean International until recently. With an individual capacity of 1,840 passengers, she has sailed many coastlines and high seas in her glorious past. Cordelia cruises have acquired the 48,600-gt Empress of the Seas (built-in 1990), from the Royal Caribbean Group flagship brand.

Empress of the Seas Cruise Ship Tour

Empress of the Seas, India premium cruise liner is a cruise ship owned by Cordelia Cruises. A sole ship of her class, she entered service in 1990 by the Royal Caribbean International. The ship was intended to be called the Future of the Seas initially. Her itineraries have seen her sailing to the Bahamas, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the Bermuda route. Then she moved on to South America. On Empress of the Seas, your time at sea will be packed with uncountable memories. 

As the size is not very large, it has its own advantages like fast and early boarding and longer stays in port. This Empress will make your cruise experience a very wholesome affair. You will enjoy your sunsets with Bloody Mary every day of the week. And the party will not stop onboard as every night is Saturday here with live music, amazing entertainment, and dancing the night away.

Her technical details are as below -
Type:   Empress-class cruise ship
Tonnage:    48,563 GT / 5,344 DWT 
Length:   210.81 m (691.63 ft)
Beam:   30.70 m (100.72 ft)
Draught:   7.10 m (23.29 ft)
Decks:   11 Passenger Decks
Installed power: 2 Wrtsil-Duvant Crespelle diesel combined 16,200 kW
Speed:   19.5 knots (36.1 km/h; 22.4 mph)
Capacity:     1,840
Crew:    668
Cabins:              796 Cabins

Onboard Accommodation

Is it refreshing to start your day gazing at the vast ocean from your own private balcony or waking up to the most exotic abode? THE EMPRESS has 5 accommodation categories -

1. Interior: 313 Staterooms
Guests: Up to 4
Cabin: 117 Sq.ft.

2. Ocean View: 414 Staterooms
Guests: Up to 4
Cabin: 139 Sq.ft.

3. Balcony: 63 Staterooms
Guests: Up to 3
Cabin: 195sq.ft.
Balcony: 25 Sq Ft.

4. Suite: 5 Suites
Guests: Up to 3
Cabin: 303 Sq.ft.
Balcony: 222 Sq. Ft

5. Chairman Suite: 1 Suite
Guests: Up to 3
Cabin: 596 Sq.ft.
Balcony: 222 Sq. Ft


  • Luxury cruise in India
  • Casino in international waters
  • Several on the house meals and beverages
  • Broadway-themed theaters with performances from world-class musicians, comics, and dancers
  • Disco Cheques and Party Places on board 
  • Food Pavilion
  • Fine Dine Restaurant
  • 3 Specialty Restaurants
  • 5 Bars
  • Fitness Centre
  • Spa & Salon
  • Casino
  • Theatre
  • Swimming Pool
  • Nightclub
  • Lounges
  • Non-stop Entertainment
  • Live Bands
  • DJ Parties
  • Adventure activities
  • Shopping
  • Indian & International cuisines




Embarkation In Mumbai

Embarkation Starts 11:00
Embarkation Ends 16:30
Sailing Starts 18:00



Goa (Mormugao)
North Goa

Arrival at Goa 12:00
Departure 21:30



At Sea

The ship continues heading north. Enjoy the sports complex within the ship or experience the to-die-for sunsets.



Disembarkation at Mumbai

Disembarkation at Mumbai 08:30


  • Only Cabin Fare
  • Any day dining restaurant ( All meals)
  • Marquee Theatre( Broadway Experience)
  • The Dome ( Dj Night)
  • The Screen ( For movies)
  • Gym & Fitness
  • Pool Access
  • Jacuzzi
  • Cordelia Academy
  • Casino ( Only entry)
  • Rock climbing


  • Chefs Table Dining
  • Chopsticks
  • All bar Packages
  • Burlesque Show
  • Casino Chips
  • Shore Excursions
  • Spa & Saloon services
  • Items of personal nature
  • Accommodation with all taxes i.e Port taxes, Gratuity, GST

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Cordelia Cruise FAQs

What are the destinations covered by Cordelia Cruise?
Cordelia Cruise covers all major sea destinations in India such as Lakshadweep, Sri Lanka (Colombo & Jaffna, Trincomalee), Goa, Diu. Kochi, Chennai, Mumbai including the Maldives. 

Lakshadweep is one of the most attractive islands in the world, located about 240 to 250 km from the Kerala coast of India, Lakshadweep is a tropical archipelago, consisting of 36 atolls and coral reefs. Not all islands on Lakshadweep are inhabited, some of these islands are open to tourists and a permit is required to visit these islands. One of the most developed islands on the island is Kavaratti, housing beautiful mosques as well as the Kavaratti Aquarium, which is home to sharks and other local fish. Lakshadweep also offers many water sports and activities, including windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, lagoon swimming, and kayaking.

The view of the sun setting from the beaches of Mumbai is a spectacular sight, as Mumbai is called the city of dreams, due to which it is a center of attraction among the people. There are many beaches here, where you can walk with your partner at the golden rate, or you can have fun. Some of the main beaches here are - Juhu Beach, Chowpatty Beach, Ratnagiri Beach, Uran Beach, Kashid Beach, Versova Beach, Mud Island Beach, and Alibaug Beach, etc.

Goa tops every tourist list, there are many fascinating things to do in Goa. Here you can enjoy the nightlife, and pubs apart from the spectacular beaches. Also, there are some popular churches in Goa, which you must visit once, as it gives you a feeling of ultimate peace. If you are a fan of adventure, then there are many water activities and sports for you, which include jet-skiing, kitesurfing, and parasailing, etc. Goa's Calangute Beach, popular for its picturesque scenery, is also known as the "Queen of Beaches".

Diu is a part of the Union Territory of India, which is spread over a geographical distance of about 650 to 700 km. Diu is a quiet and pleasant place, at the same time it is very clean. If you want to have a comfortable holiday, then you should choose a Diu cruise trip from Mumbai. Here you can enjoy the sea breeze as well as the Lehro. Diu has been ruled by the Portuguese for more than 450 years, due to which the influence of Portuguese culture can be seen here. One can enjoy a lot of wonderful architecture and delicious food here. If you like to swim in cool water, you can head to Jampore Beach, located south of Daman.

Kochi, earlier also known as Cochin, is full of history, adventure and luxury. There are innumerable tourist places to visit here. Mainly the natural beauty of Kochi attracts tourists to itself. Apart from this, it is also popular for seafood, the fresh seafood here which is cooked traditionally, which is very tasty to eat. The Chinese nets are the main attraction here in Kochi.

Chennai was known as Madras in the olden times, it attracts tourists with its many entertainments ranging from natural architecture to contemporary. Eliot's Beach and Marina Beach here are popular for the fresh and soothing breezes. Apart from this, Connemara Library, Royapuram fishing port, and British rule fort, etc. 

The country of Maldives is an island with a tropical climate, located in the southern part of Sri Lanka. Which is home to 1,192 coral islands. Most of the island here is uninhabited, floating on this water has been considered an ideal place for a vacation away from the worries of life's chaos.

The Maldives is famous all over the world for its glittering white beaches, crystalline lagoons, palm-fringed islands, and water villas. The underwater world of Maldives is also very exciting and wonderful. Most of the couples go for their honeymoon in the Maldives. If you want your Maldives holiday to be more fun and exciting, then you must visit the Maldives by cruise. Apart from this, there are many water activities and sports in the Maldives, including Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Banana Boating, Parasailing, Surfing, Flyboarding, Fun tube, etc.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka was earlier known as Ceylon. Which is an island country in South Asia. Sri Lanka is one of the richest cultures according to legend and history. Which attracts all kinds of tourists to itself. The history of Sri Lanka is in writing for 2000 years, including the history of Ravana's Lanka, which is written in the Ramayana. Sri Lanka also has several UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You must visit Sri Lanka once through a cruise tour.

What are the timing for the casino and bar while on the cruise?
All bars and shops on the Cordelia Cruise have timings. You can enter the casino as soon as all the passengers on the cruise have boarded, and the cruise has sailed for an hour. You have to leave the casino 1 hour before the cruise reaches the destination.

Does the Cordelia Cruise Have WiFi?
Yes, there is a WiFi facility available for onboard passengers on Cordelia Cruises, which you have to pay extra to use. The normal charge for WiFi is Rs 1400, it can be more or less.

What can I do on a Cordelia cruise?
There are many activities for passengers on a Cordelia cruise. If you are going on a cruise holiday, you can taste delicious Indian and international cuisines in many restaurants. Apart from this, one can also enjoy salon services and invigorating spa treatments. Get on the cruise deck and enjoy the mesmerizing picturesque views. Apart from this, you can also enjoy open-air movie nights, stand-up comedy shows, indoor rock climbing, DJ in the nightclub, etc.

Are wheelchairs available on the cruise for senior citizens and disabled passengers?
Yes, wheelchairs are available for senior citizens and disabled passengers on the cruise, if you require a wheelchair, you must notify the cruise staff a day in advance.

Who owns Cordelia Cruises?
Cordelia Cruises is being owned by Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt Ltd, however, Jalesh Cruises was acquired by Waterways Leisure Tourism Pvt Ltd which went bankrupt in October 2020. Jurgen Bailom, who leads Jalesh Cruises, was appointed as CEO of Cordelia Cruises.

Am I allowed to bring packaged food/snacks on the cruise?
No, you cannot bring any kind of packaged food items with you. The cuisine is prepared by renowned chefs from around the world on Cordelia Cruises, which includes Indian and International cuisines. You can consume food and beverages onboard the cruise, but you cannot take packed food or snacks with you from outside.

What are Cordelia Cruises' on-board payment options?
There are two payment options on Cordelia Cruise which include INR or USD. If you want to enjoy onboard offers on Cordelia Cruises, you are given a card, which is a rechargeable card, while aboard the cruise. You can swipe the card according to your spending on the cruise by putting money in this card, if you have some money left in the card, then you get it back in the end.

Tour Price

Price Not Available

Cancellation Policy


Cancellation Requested

Cancellation Fare

30 Days and above


0-29 Days

INR 5000/- per cabin

If nothing show by Customer

100% of gross fare


  • Cancellation fee will be applicable only on cabin fare.

  • Port Charges & Gratuity will be refunded completely.

  • GST for the refunded amount will also be returned.


Incase of the passenger's inability to travel due to the passenger / co-passenger testing positive for Corona or being required to undergo quarantine due to the testing positive of a non-traveling family member, then the passenger can reschedule to another cruise without any rescheduling charges (Subject to any fare difference will be payable and customer must reschedule the voyage 48 hours prior the departure). Customers must provide an authenticated medical certificate/letter to avail this benefit.

100% Refund will be made if Cordelia Management cancels any sailings.


Days to Departure

Rescheduling Fee

04 Days and above

NIL fee

0-3 Days

INR 5000/-


  • Free rescheduling is limited at one time only.

  • Any further rescheduling will be chargeable @INR 5000/- Rs per Cabin.

  • Rescheduled Itinerary must commence on or before 31st March 2022.

  • Fare difference if any will be payable by the Customer.

  • GST will be applicable on any payable amount.

  • If a guest requested for rescheduling from the date of Departure before 4 days and above Rescheduling fee will be NIL.

  •  If guest requested for rescheduling from date of Departure before 0 to 3 days Rescheduling fee will be 5000/- Rs as per cabin fare

Terms & Conditions

General Information & Booking Conditions
The following information should be read in conjunction with the Passenger Cruise Ticket Contract and other Cordelia Cruise Policies in force.

The following Booking Conditions together with our General Information, Passenger Cruise Ticket Contract, and other Cordelia Cruise Policies form the basis of your contract. The parties to that contract are yourself and either Zen Cruises Pvt. Ltd. Or Cordelia Cruises who shall accept legal responsibility for the proper performance of this contract as set out below. You will be advised of the relevant contracting party at the time of booking and/ or on your confirmation invoice. In these booking conditions, you, your and Guest means all persons named on the confirmation slip, and we, us, ourselves, Cordelia Cruises 

How do I book a cruise vacation?
Contact your local travel agent or visit us at In the event, Guests are making arrangements for their cruise-related travel like Airfare tickets, Accommodation, lodging, or any other related travel through its Travel Agent, then such Travel Agent shall be an agent of the Guest and not Cordelia Cruise. Cordelia is not responsible for any failure by the Guest travel agent to remit the Guest deposits or payments to Cordelia Cruises. Guest shall remain liable to Cordelia Cruises for any portion of the cruise or related fares that Cordelia Cruises did not receive. Similarly, Cordelia Cruises is not responsible for any failure by the Guests travel agency to remit a refund from Cordelia Cruises to the Guest.

How do I make the reservation?
Reservations can be made by Guests only through (i) Cordelia Cruises website (the website); or (ii) through any of the Sales Agents; or (iii) through connecting with our customer care on the toll-free number. Guests will be required to create an account (Cordelia Guest account) on the website, which would be self-guided and self-explanatory. Once a Cordelia Guest account is created, Guests may choose an itinerary from our various sailing programs as listed therein. Guests who wish to make reservations for events may contact our customer care on the toll-free number for further details. Upon successful payment by the Guest, a Confirmation Slip would be generated and shall be considered as a valid and binding contract of carriage with Cordelia Cruises.

How and when do I make the payment?
In order to secure a confirmed reservation, a full Fare needs to be received by Cordelia Cruises well in advance through payment gateways. All major credit cards/ debit cards are accepted. If the Ticket has been purchased through any travel agent, tour company, group, organizer traveling companion, or booking representative ("the Agent"), the Guest authorizes the Company to give any notices and to pay any refund owed to the Guest to the Agent on his behalf. The failure of the Agent to pay the full Fare to the Company is considered a breach of Contract by the Passenger when the Ticket has been purchased through an Agent. Such Agent shall be deemed in all respects to be the Agent of the Passenger and not of the Company.

What does the cruise price include?
The price of your cruise vacation includes accommodations, most dining options, entertainment, and most onboard activities except as separately provided for. Prices for the cruise are per person per day based on double occupancy in INR and vary based on the date of reservation, sailing date, and stateroom category. Prices are subject to change without notice. The cruise vacation price does not include air transportation (except as noted); transfers (except as noted); optional shore and land excursions; meals and accommodations ashore (except as noted); certain beverages; casino gaming; photography; gratuities; internet, in-room telephone calls; specialty restaurants; purchases from ship stores; or items of a personal nature such as medical services, laundry, spa treatments or salon services. Some of these items may be purchased separately. Cruise Fare does not include Cruise Taxes, Fees, and Port Charges.

Will the price change?
Cordelia Cruises reserves the right to change or amend whether via an increase or decrease, any published rates, including cruise rates and airfare charges, without prior notice. We reserve the right to impose on any existing booking or new bookings (whether paid in full or not) a supplement for fuel or other matters without prior notice as provided in our Passenger Cruise Ticket Contract, which appears on our website. In addition, we reserve the right to pass through any third-party-imposed fuel or other surcharges, also without prior notice. The Guest will remain liable for any applicable taxes, fees, or surcharges that may be assessed by any governmental or quasi-governmental agencies. Such assessment is subject to change without notice at any time whether or not you have a confirmed booking under deposit or if you have made the final payment. Service Fees: Any changes or cancellations to your cruise or Air Arrangements (to which a cancellation charge does not apply) may be subject to additional fees such as service fees for documents.

Payment Policy

Deposit & Payment Schedules 
Reservations booking requires a guest name. There are no options allowed to hold without names. 

Cabin assignments require a deposit - please refer to the due date mentioned on the booking confirmation.

Confirming Deposit Amount

Final Payment

25% of voyage fare

30 days, prior to sailing date

Valid on all bookings done till 31st July 2021

Indemnity Bond

Departure Dates