Exotic Islands

Island tour packages are exotic and Holiday Moods Adventures India specializes in such getaways. There are thousands of idyllic isles waiting to be discovered and explored, perhaps quiet and uninhabited or busy with snorkelers, hikers and travellers across the planet. From a snorkeler's haven in Mauritius, to a tropical paradise in Brazil, or perhaps a wine lover?s holiday in New Zealand, we can offer you island holidays you don't want to miss. Our island package includes a wide range of islands across the globe. These include several islands such as Bora Bora, Philippines, Caribbean Bahamas, Fiji, Hawai, Galapagos, Mauritius and Maldives to name a few. Holiday Moods Adventures offers customized packages for every type of traveler from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata or Bangalore for these island holidays. We offer the most luxurious islands helping you prepare your journey with us as we are always with you advising and counselling for the same. You can book all these packages from major cities of India and other countries.

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