Mountaineering and Trekking

Our mountaineering expeditions are not for the faint hearted- if you believe that trekking and hiking just don’t do it for you anymore, and your heart craves more adventure, stop looking because we bring to you the best mountaineering hardcore and soft-core missions. Go over the mixed terrain that mountains offer with presence of rock, ice and snow and navigate through a wide variety of conditions. This could be your chance to use technical equipment and combine a series of related skills like scrambling, climbing, glacier travel, ice climbing or mixed climbing to reach the peak! There is something about walking through the woods, all your possessions on your back, with no phone reception or internet and only each other for company that really brings us together. The mountains seem more marvelous than you had imagined and the sound of the flowing river becomes your playlist on repeat. At Holiday Moods we care about making your adventures much more than just ordinary treading through the forest, and trekking so happens to be our A game. Let us design for you a voyage never to be forgotten!

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